At WellerIT, we explore different avenues of research and combine relevant skills such as programming, web development, database, design, photography, and 3D in order to develop a more unique and tailored approach to a business’s specific needs.

We are web viewers too, and when we visit websites, we like to get what we want and get it quickly and informatively. Our design principle is to maximize effectiveness of a web presence to it’s visitors, and to make sure websites are fast loading and mobile friendly.

What we do…

Currently, the web is in it's third version, which we like to refer to as Web 3. This is a generation of web development where the websites are designed to be responsive and adapt to different dimensions and aspect ratios across a wide range of devices. This is a preparation for the internet-of-everything, in which everything and anything comes internet ready and accessible from anywhere. Preparing for the future can help give you a jump ahead of the competition, and also keep your visitors happy and your content accessible.

WellerIT also offers some photography services that can compliment the web development process, or accommodate an events needs. Booking is extremely limited, and subject to availability, so this might not be available to some customers.